Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cable Baby Grand Restoration Completed

Well this is my final post on the Cable Baby Grand Restoration. I have not taken time to update this blog lately and the project was finished in May 2012. The Bass Strings are now in and the finish of the piano is also completed. The project turned out amazing and to my satisfaction, I have posted some pictures below of the finished piano.

Above: Before pic of the old bass strings.

Above: After pic of the new bass strings

Above: Before pic of the piano finish

Above: After pic of the piano completed with new finish

Above: After picture of the completed restoration of the Cable Baby Grand

Above: After picture of the completed restoration of the Cable Baby Grand

Above: Keytops before being replaced

Above: I replaced the keytops, still some minor adjustments will need made (e.g. D and E natural next to middle C) but they all work great.

Above: Dad and I next to the completed piano.

I have a whole detailed album of pictures on my Facebook page so head over and check those out...


  1. I have a 1903 Cable Baby Grand serial 45000 range that needs a lot of work. I had it overseas for our daughter and it was shipped back, has a lot of broken strings and has sat idle for some years. I thought I would give it a shot. Some of the strings do not look original in the center section and did not seem to match the others. Do you know the sizes for the various strings that were used. The bass strings are in decent shape and could be sent out, but I wonder about the others. What was you experience with the action etc... Could I call you.


  2. Hi Tom, thanks for your post would be glad to provide you more information via email. Just visit my website and provide me a little more information by clicking the "contact" link and see if I could answer some of your questions by email.